Guidance & Planning


"Guidance” is a comprehensive term used to describe all services that help students navigate through high school from initial enrollment to graduation. This includes providing students with an appropriate class schedule each year based on their interests, academic needs, graduation requirements and post-secondary education and career goals. Having short- and long-term plans makes this process easier. In addition, guidance staff provide students with resources, counseling and support to ensure that students’ academic, social and emotional needs are met. The guidance staff has a passion for helping students to develop into well-prepared and goal-oriented young adults!

Jodi Young
AP of Guidance
Ext 56404
Amanda Chidley
Senior Secretary
Ext 56405
Guidance Specialist (A-K)
Ext 56422
Guidance Specialist (L-Z)
Ext 56421
Tami Hammell
Ext 56431
College/Career Specialist
Ext 56435
School Counselor
Ext 56470
Bilingual Community Outreach Specialist
Ext 56678
Student Support Psychologist
Ext 56682
School Psychologist
Ext 56480
Amy Nguyen
PELL/Special Projects Tech
Ext 56484
JoAnne Von Kostka
School Nurse
Ext 56430
Chris Dornbush
Ext 56103