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Principal's Message

Hi all; I hope everyone had an amazing Spring Break!


Seniors…Monday of next week is the first day of interviews! The times were emailed out and all teachers have the list of times (it is also on the school website). The questions were also sent to your school email before the break and all teachers have the questions too (they are on the website, also). The dates of the interviews this year are April 29th and May 13th. We will be doing them during our modified late start Mondays on those two dates.


When you receive your day/time, if for some reason you are not able to make that time, you need to contact Mrs. Steiner right away. Her email address is nsteiner@hbuhsd.edu. All seniors are expected to participate and any senior that misses their time will have a make up interview with Dr. Robinson.


Please do not stress out about the interview. We really try to make it as relaxing and fun as possible. It’s a great time for you to reflect on your high school years. If you have questions about the interviews, you can ask any teacher or administrator!


Thank you!





Dr. Robinson
Courtney Robinson