Winter Concert

Winter Concert
12/20/2024, 7:00 PM 8:00 PM
Ocean View High School, 17071 Gothard St, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, USA

Evening Concert:

  • Call time for musicians is 6pm, dressed in concert attire and ready to perform.
  • Concert starts at 7pm.
  • Concert Attire:
    • Choir
      • Your assigned school-owned gown or suit.
      • Black Dress shoes/heels (NO sandals, NO sneakers)
      • Ivory scarf (ask Combs)
    • Band
      • Gentlemen
        • Black Dress shoes (NO sneakers/Vans/etc.)
        • Long Black Dress socks (NOT cotton)
        • Black Dress Pants & Belt
        • Longsleeve, buttoned-down, collared, WHITE dress shirt
        • Black necktie OR bowtie
        • Black Suit Coat (optional)
      • Ladies
        • Black Dress (knee-length or longer) ~OR~
        • Black or White dress Blouse/Top & Skirt/Slacks
        • Black Dress shoes/heels (NO sandals, NO sneakers)


Consider this after school concert like the Final Exam for your performing arts class.
The only difference from an exam being that it happens only once in time and therefore can NOT be made up due to absence... BE THERE! Not only is it vital for your success and the success of the other performers; it is a major part of your class grade.

If you have a job, let your boss/employer know that you can NOT work this afternoon, nor evening. Let them know ASAP so they can schedule someone else to fill your shift. Please know that students are not allowed to work in the state of CA without a worker's permit issued by their school. That permit can be revoked if you miss a school activity due to work.

If you are involved in any sports or other after-school activities, be sure to let your coach/advisor/whomever know well in advance that you won't be at that activity today because you MUST be at the Concert for your music class.

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