Options for Taking Health

Health Options

If you have an impacted schedule you have several options for taking Health:

  • Pacific Coast High School - Administrative approval is needed in advance.
    • Health can be taken online through PCHS. Please print the External Credit Form as well as the PCHS application.
    • Fill out the PCHS application completely and the applicable parts of the External Credit form, and bring them to Ocean View High School to be signed by a Guidance Specialist or the Assistant Principal over Guidance.
    • Once your paperwork has been signed by Ocean View, please follow these instructions.
    • *Please note no credit or grade is given for Health taken through PCHS. It fulfils the Health requirement with a notation on the student’s transcript.
  • Dual Enrollment through Golden West College. Dual Enrollment gives both High School credit and College credit. Information for Dual Enrollment can be found here
  • Summer Health Hybrid style at Ocean View. Inquire with your Guidance Specialist.
  • Hybrid Health at Ocean View High School offers flexibility to students with impacted schedules. The class meets on campus face to face one to two times a week and the rest is done independently online. For more information regarding Hybrid Health, please contact Mr. Najera at [email protected] or your Guidance Specialist.